Our Menu

We offer a variety of scones, muffins, cookies, bars, hand pies, and coffee daily. 
Because we are a seasonal bakery, some items are not available every day. 
I do take orders year round. I make some bread but it is usually gone quickly.
 Please feel free to call for orders. I do not take orders by texting or emails. 
Freshly brewed hot and ice coffee daily!  
$1.75 / $2.50 / $3.50
Scones   $3.00  Apricot, cranberry, fresh fruit
Muffins  $3.50  Blueberry, fresh fruit
Cookies  $2.50
Bars, Lemon Squares, Macaroons $3.50

Hand pies  $4.50  Apple or fresh fruit
Small Galettes  $5.50  Apple or fresh fruit
9" Fruit Pies   $27.00
9" Pecan Pie  $32.00    
9" Lemon cream pie with saltine crust $30
9" Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee   $35.00